The University of Iowa is pleased to host the Molecular Biology of Hearing and Deafness, a conference series that has been held successfully since 1992. 

The goals of this conference are to:

  • Promote research in the emerging areas of molecular biology in the field of auditory sciences;
  • Highlight progress and anticipate new growth areas in the molecular biology of hearing and deafness by inviting select scientists doing cutting-edge research to present keynote lectures;
  • Encourage engagement by trainees and young scientists by soliciting oral and poster presentations related to the auditory system and offering opportunities to meet and interact with senior investigators through a speed-dating event;
  • Facilitate interaction and collaboration between laboratories engaged in molecular auditory research, as well as between basic scientists, translational scientists and clinicians with related interests in the molecular biology and molecular genetics of deafness through multiple interactive panels and social events linked to poster presentations;
  • Foster translational research that can lead to novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the treatment of hearing disorders;
  • Enable trainees and scientists from under-represented groups to attend and foster interest in careers in the molecular biology of hearing and deafness;
  • Provide outreach to patients and patient advocacy groups for education in the genetics of deafness and hearing research.

MBHD2020 Flyer

PDF iconmbhd2020_flyer.pdf